Hot Air Balloon flights with Adventure Balloons New Zealand take place on the Canterbury Plains, just an hour from Christchurch in the  South Island of New Zealand. Enjoy superb long distance panoramic views of the stunning South Island scenery on every flight, including the dramatic Southern Alps, Mount Cook (Aoraki) and beyond.

The Flight

About Your Experience

Flights take place early morning, when the weather conditions are calm and stable, and so suitable for balloon flights.
We meet in Methven Town Centre before you travel a short distance with us to one of our launch sites, which will be chosen to give you the very best flight experience depending on the weather conditions on the day. Transport can also be arranged to and from Christchurch if required, please let us know when booking your flight.
You will be able to get involved and help our crew with setting the balloon up ready for flight and packing away afterwards.
The actual flight will last for around an hour, when you’ll enjoy the unique and very special experience of a hot air balloon flight flying at up to 6000ft, with superb long distance views across Canterbury Plains and the dramatic Southern Alps including Mount Cook and beyond, as well as the Rakaia Gorge, and its glacial river as it flows out towards the coast.
After we’ve landed we’ll enjoy a celebratory drink before transporting you back to Methven.

Flight Information

Flights take place early mornings, when the weather conditions are stable.
We will transport you from the meeting point in Methven to the launch site, and also back after your flight.
We can also arrange transport to and from Christchurch if required, please let us know when booking your flight.
Allow up to 4 hours for the whole experience.
Find out more about where to stay, eat, drink and other things to do in and around Methven and the Canterbury Plains.

Your Safety

As with any air operator, we are regulated by the CAA, including our pilots and equipment which are all required to undergo annual tests.
You will receive full safety briefing from your pilot before your flight.
We will only fly if the weather conditions are suitable to ensure a safe flight, and if not suitable the flight will be cancelled. If this happens then you will have the opportunity to then reschedule your flight.

Spectacular Scenery

From the Southern Alps of New Zealand across the Canterbury Plains and beyond…


About Us

Adventure Balloons New Zealand is a local company, based just outside Christchurch, South Island. We offer a unique flight experience to remember, whether you’re in New Zealand on holiday, or as a homegrown Kiwi why not enjoy our stunning country from the skies, perhaps to celebrate a special occasion.

Our Chief Pilot Graeme Church has many hours hot air balloon experience flying in New Zealand, the UK and other parts of Europe, including Alpine Flying as well as a flight across the English Channel! Graeme also holds a fixed wing aeroplane licence.

George Currie also provides valuable support as our Crew Chief having previously and successfully owned and operated the original company Aoraki Balloon Safaris for many years.


Where and when do you fly?2019-11-13T23:03:44+13:00

We’re located in Methven, North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand, just an hour from Christchurch.
View our location map.  Our flights take place early morning when the air is cool and stable, and flights are scheduled daily weather permitting.

How long is the flight?2019-11-13T22:59:10+13:00

The whole trip, from pickup and return to our meeting point takes about 3.5 to 4 hours, which includes setting up and inflating the balloon, approximately an hour’s flight and a celebration drink on landing.

What is the minimum age of passengers?2018-10-15T22:17:28+13:00

Children below the age of 4 are not permitted to fly with us.

What can you see when flying?2018-10-15T22:17:20+13:00

Fabulous views of South Island including the Canterbury Plains, the Southern Alps including Mount Cook, the Rakaia Gorge and out towards the east coast.

What does it feel like during the flight?2018-10-15T22:17:14+13:00

You’ll probably be surprised how calm and peaceful the flight is – this is because the balloon is traveling along with the breeze, giving a unique and very special flying experience!

What do I wear and what can I bring on the flight?2018-10-15T22:17:08+13:00

The temperature when flying, is the same as when on the ground so dress according to the season, remembering that you’ll be outside. Covered flat shoes should be worn – Tramping/Walking Boots or sports shoes/trainers are ideal. Open toed shoes, sandals and high heels are not suitable. You’re welcome to bring cameras and video recorders, and you’ll be able to leave your other belongings in our chase vehicle that will follow the balloon throughout the flight. You can buy an in-flight photo and a commemorative personal certificate after your flight.

Can you recommend places to stay, eat, drink and see around Canterbury?2018-10-15T22:16:56+13:00

Yes, this is a great area to explore further, find out more here.

Can I buy a balloon flight as a gift voucher?2018-10-15T22:16:49+13:00

Yes, we offer balloon flight vouchers which are valid for 6/12 months from the date of purchase, allowing the recipient to book a date of their choice.

Can I book a private balloon flight?2018-10-15T22:16:43+13:00

Yes! We also offer exclusive charter flights for weddings, engagements, and other occasions including filmwork, as well as tethered balloons available for events. Please contact us to find out more.

I’ve still got questions – how can I contact you?2018-12-12T14:23:13+13:00

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us on 03 302 8172 or [email protected]